3 Things This Unreasonably Cute Puppy Taught Me

Doing something new can be scary, and that is normal.

As a recovering perfectionist, my mind is full of unrealistic expectations that I hardly realize are there. That is until I try something new. Leaping always unearths these destructive thoughts. Like the puppy as he moves frantically around the couch, gauging all the different options for getting to the floor, there’s an inner struggle that comes with change. This is just how it is. There’s no getting around it. With time and practice, I am able to move forward lovingly, with all of my imperfections and uncertainties in tow.

We need loved ones to cheer us on before during and after we leap.

The moment when the pet owner cheers as the puppy leaps clinches the beauty of this video. Anything significant that we have accomplished in our lives probably would not have happened without the support from people who love us. It is necessary to have supportive witnesses as we face challenges in our lives. We may leap alone, but we are not alone.

It is all relative.

To a puppy the distance between the couch and the floor is huge. Of course this is relative. One person’s comfort zone is another person’s leap. So don’t compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to you ten years ago if you have to compare at all. You have come a long way baby!