Pour yourself in me. Pour yourself into my heart. Oh-Oh-Oh wonderful spirit. –Rickie Byars Beckwith

Something I know from my own experience is: the Universe organizes Itself through containers. It likes things it can pour itself into: bodies, notebooks, bank accounts, solar systems.

The Universe likes open containers. It likes space. It also likes structure. Out of chaos comes order. Order nourishes me. Somehow keeping my apartment tidy frees me up to be messy in my writing, to make wild collages, to dance and play with abandon.

Something I know from my own experience is: I am a sensitive body, a sponge for external information that often clouds my inner vision. When this happens my mind has a tendency to kick up dust storms of Hysteria and throw parades for False Beliefs.

My inner vision is the very thing that keeps me alive and vibrant on the Earth. My inner vision says:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with how you are living your life. You are okay just as you are. You are in fact doing exceptionally well. Stop listening to the limitations others place on you. Start believing in yourself.

Something I know from my own experience is when I believe my own information is valid I feel more alive and more comfortable in my own skin. When filled up with external information that doesn’t match my internal information, the most important thing is to continuously call my authentic energy back.

Something I know from my own experience is that Life is a process. If I am patient, I can have what I want. Instant results are possible, but more often they are seen after years of commitment, trust, and practice. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

The purpose of life is not to produce results or generate outcomes anyway. The more I live from and for the process of living, the more I enjoy each moment, each day. The more focused I am on results, the less alive I feel, the more my body contracts and the whims of mind take precedent.

When I remember that I am the container, not the thing that does or accomplishes I feel more alive, more willing to try, and to experience the places that life leads me to. The body remembers. The heart asks. The Universe responds to asking.

Writing Prompt: Take a few minutes to consciously stop and do nothing. Sit, stand, or lie down and take deep breaths with audible sighs. Take out some paper and pen. Choose a phrase or sentence from this post that does or does not resonate with you and write it at the top of your page. Set the timer for 10 minutes and keep your hand moving.
This is part two in a four-part series of upcoming blog posts on the theme “Things I Know From My Own Experience” also playfully known by the jerky acronym TIKFMOE.

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