The only way to know is to walk, then learn, then grow.
–Lauryn Hill, “I Get Out”

When I was growing up I used to tell my mother “sometimes people have to make their own mistakes. That’s part of life, you can’t prevent it.” Deep down I knew I needed to try things out for myself, figure things out from the inside.

Everyone kept telling me to stay in graduate school, but when I gathered the information from my dreams during Jeremy Taylor’s Dream Work class, it was so clear to me I was climbing the wrong ladder.

Things I know from my own experience, things I’ve tested out and therefore know, things, I’ve found to be true:

Mornings are portals for magic. It is as if anything is possible in the newness of the day. A fresh gust of air through my bedroom window is like fairy dust sprinkled on my head. Possibilities, choices, renewal.

Taking a breath changes my life. Life is almost always better when I inhale and exhale. Once during a workshop on advanced yogic breathing techniques, I did 6 hours of pranayama a day. I literally became air, inhabiting a spaciousness I had only seen in the sky.

I live in story. Stories about who I am, who people are, what the world is, what’s possible, what’s not possible. Story is a powerful tool for creation and manifestation. When I get to have my stories, share them with others, and notice what it’s like to tell and be witnessed, suddenly the stories have their own life outside of me. I’m more able to see them with lightness and play around with the content.

The more I own my inner knowledge, the more internal authority I have. The more I trust myself, the more I am able to lighten up, the more I am able to share my fullness in the world.

There, I just took a breath. Something new begins in this moment.

Writing Prompt: Take some slow deep breaths in and out so the belly rises and falls. Take out some paper and pen and write Things I Know From My Own Experience at the top. Set the timer for 10 minutes and go!
This is the first in a series of upcoming blog posts on the theme “Things I Know From My Own Experience” also playfully known by the jerky acronym TIKFMOE.

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