Table Massage Treatments for Individuals

  • Reiki Massage
  • Prenatal
  • Hot Stones
  • Reiki
  • One Plus One Massage


Signature Therapy combining Reiki + Swedish Massage for ultimate in stress relief
Developed over the past 8 years by Wonder Woman Wellness Owner Beandrea, this is our signature massage treatment. This treatment offers a seamless blend of Reiki –a form of touch to balance and clear energy – and Therapeutic Massage. The body opens in gentleness, and sometimes less is actually more. Gentle yet effective, you will leave feeling deeply relaxed on a mind-body-spirit level. 

        • In-home, three options: $175 for 60 minutes, $200 for 75 minutes, or $225 for 90 minutes


Prenatal Massage

Swedish Massage in Sidelying; Focused massage for feet & lower back
This relaxation Massage (also known as Swedish) takes place in the sidelying position on a literal throne of pillows for maximum comfort. Session will address neck and shoulders (strain from lactating breasts) lower back (already curvy lumbar spine keeps getting curvier week by week), feet (reduce swelling and soreness), and your particular needs. Because anyone who gestates another human for 9 months definitely deserves a crown.

        • In-home, three options: $200 for 60 minutes, $225 for 75 minutes, or $250 for 90 minutes


Therapeutic Hot Stones

Custom blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue, & Hot Stones Massage
Even if you’ve had hot stones before you’ve probably never had hot stones like this. Instead of an elbow in your back for several minutes, therapists use warm stones to get chronically tight muscles to release in less time. And it feels a lot nicer too, so it is great for those highly sensitive areas of the body (lower back, gluts, IT band). Be forewarned: It is hard to get off the table after this session because you’ll basically feel like a heated jello mold.

      • In-home, three options: $200 for 60 minutes, $225 for 75 minutes, or $250 for 90 minutes




Light touch energywork therapy; clothes on
Probably the most well-known form of energywork today. Reiki is a light touch therapy meant to balance and clear the ‘Ki’ or life force of the body. Through a series of hands placements on the front and back of the body, clients drop into a state of deep relaxation and leave with renewed vigor and presence. And you can leave your clothes on!


        • In-home, three options: $150 for 60 minutes, $175 for 75 minutes, or $200 for 90 minutes


One Plus One Massage

Life is meant to be shared. That includes massage! For couples, BFFs, or any mutual pairing. You can choose from any of the menu items above.

      • Both clients can receive the same treatment or choose different ones (See above for pricing.)



      • Please allow 5-7 days advance notice. •  301.246.2569 

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