…I’m a girl in a world in which my only job is to marry rich.
My father has no sons so I’m the one who has to social climb for one,
so I’m the oldest and the wittiest and the gossip in New York City is insidious…

– Angelica Schuyler, Hamilton


I have not been able to get this week’s Song of the Week out of my head for days now.

The song Satisfied – performed by actress Renee Elise Goldsberry and the Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton – exemplifies how the show’s creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda takes care to present nuanced women’s voices in a historical context where these voices are often overlooked.

(Also if you watch The Good Wife – still great after 6 seasons! – you’ll recognize Goldsberry who plays Alexander Hamilton’s sister-in-law.)

Hamilton – undoubtedly this year’s most talked show on Broadway – is a hip-hop musical about the first US Treasury Secretary and one of its founding fathers.

At first glance, the concept of the show does not sound like it will work, but if one allows herself to step into the world Miranda has created, it really does.

Casting is colorblind, and the principal characters are all people of color. No explanation is made for this in the show. Shaping character dialogue into lyrical rap, the show engages new audiences in a story most of us probably have not thought about since high school history class.

Now I actually want a hip-hop musical for every era of history.

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