This morning I awoke shaken by my dreams during the night. Normally my dreams are extremely nonlinear, the symbols are at best ambiguous, and I can only remember a few details when I awake. But last night my dreams were clear and indelible in my memory. This morning, à la Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God, I dialogued with Spirit about the meaning of these dreams. Below is a transcript of that dialogue.

Beandrea: Is this a Saturn Returns dream? It seems to say ‘Yes. I have crossed the bridge from victimhood to empowerment and that this transformation came from trauma?’

Spirit: Secure your doors of your inner world so that no one can hurt you.’

B: How do I do that?

S: Secure the inner door. Get right with your heart and no one can ever harm you. If you know your heart’s intention, if you know the love that spurs you on, then keep going. The fire in you is stoked by your boundless heart. To secure the door is to know with a precious clarity the place from which you are acting. Know it consciously and choose it. And once you’ve set your intention no one can stop you. The only thing that can stop you then is the illusion that rises up within you. Treasure the love bursting through you. Treasure the center of Love that you are. Experience it, hold it, feel it, be it, know that you are it.

B: Okay so let me make sure I am clear: If I know my intention and hold entirely to that knowing, then I am unstoppable unless I let illusions/external forces keep me down?

S: Illusions are bound to trip you up. That’s the only thing that keeps humans in their bodies. I mean if people really knew who they were, how they were made, none of you would stay here as long as you do, nor would you so endlessly fear leaving your bodies. So let go of always being able to remember your intention. Just know it at the outset and keep returning to it again and again. Return to it on the easy days. Return to it on the trial-by-fire days. And keep cleaning out the closets where stuff wants to get piled on top of that first thought, that original intention. To keep clearing is essential. Now is the time to use your practices, to give them a cherished place in your life. There has never been a more crucial time to remember you inner knowing, to walk with it in the palm of your hand.

B: I’m grateful for the clarity of the dreams and this teaching. I feel that cold drink of water in the desert I’ve been asking for, so thank you.

S: Your gratitude is proof that you’ve heard me and that is why I have come.

[I put down the pen to do my formal seated meditation practice, focusing on the mantra ‘Secure your doors.’ Then the voice appears again.]

S: Oh wait one more thing, don’t forget to direct the love at yourself. I mean you are love, but remember, it is not just about expressing the love to people ‘out there’. It is equally about directing the love everywhere, which of course includes you. Experience the love within your own being.

B: I’m glad to know that even spirits forget things :o)

S: Yeah we don’t have bodies. That’s really the only difference between y’all and us.

Take a few deep belly breaths in and out. Notice what you received from reading this. What sticks in your mind? Don’t think too much about it, just notice what’s there. Take a few minutes to jot down anything that seems significant to you.