On Saturday, I went to hear famous choreographer Liz Lerman speak about her new book of essays. For years I have been inspired by her work in blurring the boundaries between performer and audience and her insistence upon dance being something anyone can do (one of my credos).

She told a story about a Masters in Fine Arts in Dance student who came up to her after a talk to ask if she should get a Movement Therapy degree. The student was doing a lot of teaching in prisons and thought it might be useful for her students.

Lerman’s answer: Partner with a movement therapist. You don’t necessarily need to become one. And bring as many different kinds of artists with you as you can.

In recent weeks, I have been starting to get to know acupuncturists, counselors, pyschotherapists, and other bodyworkers in Metro DC. Lerman’s words affirmed my belief that we don’t have to be all things people. In fact this is impossible (and unnecessary).

This is the power of interdependence. Each person has unique gifts to share, and partnering makes this sharing more possible.

Where in your life are you trying to be an Every Wo/man? Where can you partner with others?

These are questions the fiercely independent loner in me will be (reluctantly, I must admit) pondering in the coming weeks.