We bring massage into a variety of environments to make people happier, more relaxed, and more productive in the places where they live, work and shop.

Spa Parties

Bridal Showers. Baby Showers. Bonding with your roommates. Whatever the occasion, get your friends together for a relaxing good time.

  • Guests can choose from any of the services on our Table Massage Services or Mobile Spa Menu and pay individually or the host can set the menu and cover payment.
  • 5-person minimum. Credit card required to hold your reservation.
  • Contact us today for a custom price quote.
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Special Events

Looking for onsite massage at your special event? We provide Chair and/or Clothed Table Massage in California & Washington DC.

Massage Just About Anywhere

Wellness at Work: Increase employee retention and productivity at your office.

Nonprofits & Schools: Prevent burnout and promote a sustainable work-life balance.

Retail: Give your customers an added incentive to visit your store and provide them with an unforgettable experience that will drive sales and customer loyalty.

Bar, Restaurant & Hotel Employees: Managers, increase your bottom line by supporting your staff in their labor-intensive work. Prevent future injuries that cost time and money.

Communities of Faith: You feed the spirit and we’ll feed the body. We will transform the reception hall of your church or temple into a relaxing oasis.

Apartment Buildings & Condos: Property Managers, offer your residents the convenience of massage where you live and set your building apart from the competition. •  301.246.2569 

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