Great fullness of being which we experience as happiness can also be described as love. To be undivided and unfragmented, to be completely present is to love. To pay attention is to love.

-Sharon Salzberg, Lovingkindness, the Revolutionary Art of Happiness

One of my most solid and tangible childhood memories is eating Campbell’s Soup Noodle O’s out of a yellow Tupperware bowl in winter. I loved to soak the cans in hot water, peeling off the red and white labels, and then bring them to school for the fundraising drive. I remember the little girl I once was and the little girl I still am.

It’s true: to keep coming back is the thing entirely, coming back to the little girl, to the yellow bowl, to the dear friends I spoke to this morning, the frenetic thoughts, to this page I keep turning full of blue ink. To keep coming back is to love. To keep coming back is to Love. I guess that’s why the Dalai Lama says, “Never give up.”

I drummed last night before sleeping and then again this morning. We are developing a relationship. The drum – a small hand drum made in Ghana – is showing me how to hold it and tap out its sound with ease. My breath deepens involuntarily when I play and I soften. The drum is my teacher.

I can feel it in the womb. My moon cycle is here, another uterine wall falling down. Gone and coming back again. It’s true, it’s not about the loss or the rupture, it’s the coming back that matters. It’s about having the tools to restore connection when it is lost.1

As 2009 approaches, I find myself speechless and yet full of words, sounds, and images strewn together in a nest inside. The philosopher in me wants to offer perennial wisdom that I hope will enrich your life.

The little girl in me who is eating Noodle O’s wants to play and not worry so much about what anyone else wants or needs.

Flowing between silence and the word born from it, I leave you with two of my poems that describe the best of what I wish for all of us this year:

That we may know our inner truths and declare them
That we may feel resilient as we keep coming back again and again to face Life
That we may take good care and give to each other from the overflow inside of us

Can I get an amen?

Some lies about life

That being good will keep you safe
That working hard will get you what you want
That I am lazy if I am not productive
That I am productive if I am not lazy
That money comes from hard work and deferred desires
That life is to be borne
That the point is to survive
That we are alive when we are dead
That being born is the point
That being is the point
That death comes when you think it will
That living with fullness is the point
That experimenting is the point
That Love is the point
That Love is it entirely
That Love is it entirely

Even the Moon

In order to shine on
a dark November night
the moon rests in daylight
in order to meet the gazes of awe
and the absence of any stares at all
the moon rests in daylight
to be full, pregnant with magic at midnight
the moon sits quietly with itself
and knows this is enough
even the moon has a right
to be itself
to take care of itself
to be free
even the moon
even the moon

Meditation: Take some time to breathe in these words. What stays with you? Make some notes. Set a timer, write uninterrupted for 10 minutes.

1. paraphrasing a quote from NVC trainer Miki Kashtan.

Copyright 2008. Beandrea Davis. Ask permission before re-printing.

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