A friend and I have an agreement that we are invited to self express freely and irrationally via voicemail and email when something is “up” for us about life and we want someone to witness us. We agree to absolve ourselves of any responsibility for “fixing” the person’s “problem.” Instead we often reflect back what we heard, what moved us. Here’s a recent exchange she started:

My needs for ease, acceptance that are Oh So Not getting met right now. Ease is such a tricky thing. Layers of ease – one counteracting another. Does this part make sense to you?

I heard you say you’re struggling with seemingly competing sets of needs all under the umbrella of “ease” and the “umbrella of ease” wasn’t feeling so big or spacious. Did I get that right?

You are a cyber empathy poet.

Last summer, I set up a “poems on the spot” booth at the International InterPlay Conference in Berkeley. A woman who bought one of my poems tells me a year later she has it hanging on her office filing cabinet and still reads it. She emails me saying I should find a way to keep doing this via the internet.

So hear ye hear ye, I am seeing the signs and have an announcement to make…

I declare a NEW Joyfully Bea offering…

Intuitive Poetry Commissions!

In the spirit of the poetic, here are 5 poems plucked from Beandrea’s path of embodiment, inspiration, and awakening. Email your thoughts!

New Age Haiku

We fix ourselves for wanting
to fix ourselves
Forgetting nothing is broken

Walking Meditation at Manzanita Village

I taste the Earth
With my cold feet
A soft pillow landing
Stubbornly holding itself together
Grain by grain
Earth lingers on dry skin
Wiping away remnants
Energy now pulsing through awakened digits
I know concrete is a compromise
I taste the Earth
The Earth tastes me
I am beginning to understand the meaning of Mother

Chakra Bill of Rights

First. Smelling roots, I have the right to exist.
Second. Tasting water, I have the right to change and to create.
Third. Seeing with eyes, I have the right to actualize myself in the world.
Fourth. Touching with heart, I have the right to feel.
Fifth. Hearing with ears, I have the right to speak Truth.
Sixth. Guided by Intuition, I have the right to envision.
Seventh. Knowing Higher Self, I have the right to transcend duality.


Your mistake is my opening
Into a heart I didn’t know was frozen.
Your error my kiss upon lips chapped and blatant
your jagged words a cauldron
burning the illusion that I’m wrong
that I’m right
The heart you’ve wrestled open
bows to brokenness
supporting my winter in facing spring

Holding the Unanswered Questions

There’s a larger life that leads us.
There’s a bigger breath that breathes us.
There is a deeper dream that dreams us
The boundaries are subtle
the most significant matter of all:
how we live this life
ever flowing through us

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Copyright 2009. Beandrea Terese Davis. All rights reserved. Please check with Beandrea before re-printing.