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Live the questions :: the right path?

Is the path I’m on as a writer really what I should be doing to make the changes in the world I want to see, or should I be out on the streets one and one with people? -anonymous Joyfully Bea blog reader How do things change? Can I affect change? Why do I write?... read more

Live the questions :: Is effort required?

Is effort required? -anonymous Joyfully Bea blog reader Do I owe her anything more? Is it okay to let go of a difficult relationship primarily because it is difficult and always has been the entire decade we have known each other? Does she know I can count on one hand... read more

Live the questions

Audioblog download Live the questions – Beandrea’s audioblog – 11.03.09.m4a There are years that ask questions and years that answer. –Zora Neale Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God For my first full-time job out of college I worked as the only... read more

It’s all about the hips

Audioblog download It’s All About the Hips – Beandrea’s audioblog – 10.20.09.m4a One of my most vivid memories at a silent meditation retreat was of a woman’s hips. I sat on the aisle where the retreat teachers walked to the front platform at... read more

Nothing is more changeable than rock

Ravens seemed to be flying in slow motion everywhere I looked into the canyon’s red rock. To my eyes they were dancing with air, oblivious to shuttle buses, cigarette butts, old women holding ice cream cones while wearing fanny packs. Native American tradition calls... read more

Body Words : 5 poems

A friend and I have an agreement that we are invited to self express freely and irrationally via voicemail and email when something is “up” for us about life and we want someone to witness us. We agree to absolve ourselves of any responsibility for “fixing” the... read more

In Absurdity I Trust: tricks for playing with uncertainty

By Almah LaVon Rice, Glittering Guest Blogger If you have lost the business, your house, and wife, after you have been pronounced terminally ill and life has dealt you the worst blows, there is only one duty left. That is to crawl over to the nearest mirror, hoist... read more

TIKFMOE part IV :: Trust

I’ve learned from pain, now I want to learn from joy. – Morley “Softly, Slowly” Riding on the Metro train in Paris during the first week of a six-week stay, I heard a voice inside say “Things will be hard at first, but then they will get easier.” After a... read more

TIKFMOE part III :: Fullness

I hear in my mind all these voices. I hear in my mind all these words. I hear in my mind all this music, and it breaks my heart. –Regina Spektor, Fidelity I have always known that I was full inside – full of these words, images, and sounds that somehow I wanted... read more

TIKFMOE part II :: Containers

Pour yourself in me. Pour yourself into my heart. Oh-Oh-Oh wonderful spirit. –Rickie Byars Beckwith Something I know from my own experience is: the Universe organizes Itself through containers. It likes things it can pour itself into: bodies, notebooks, bank accounts,... read more

Things I Know From My Own Experience :: TIKFMOE part I

The only way to know is to walk, then learn, then grow. –Lauryn Hill, “I Get Out” When I was growing up I used to tell my mother “sometimes people have to make their own mistakes. That’s part of life, you can’t prevent it.” Deep down I knew I needed to try... read more

Re-membering Pangaea :: the healing power of touch

“As long as we are alive, the journey of spirituality always returns us to the body: we are of the Earth.” –Christina Baldwin, The Seven Whispers There’s an idea which says 250 million years ago the Earth’s land mass formed one supercontinent called Pangaea. The... read more

Coming back again and again

Great fullness of being which we experience as happiness can also be described as love. To be undivided and unfragmented, to be completely present is to love. To pay attention is to love. -Sharon Salzberg, Lovingkindness, the Revolutionary Art of Happiness One of my... read more

Two Black girls in the White House

“Hope: To wish for something with expectation of its fulfillment.” -American Heritage Dictionary The image of two Black girls living in the White House, being tucked in at night by their parents – the President and First Lady of the United States of America – fills me... read more

Saturn Returns: knowing the unseen knowledge of the heart

“And it’s me who’s too weak, and it’s me who’s too shy to ask for the thing I love. But I love. But I love. But I love.” -Paula Cole, Me I felt so awake and sure of something coming home from the Buddhist Peace Fellowship’s Thirtieth Anniversary event Saturday night.... read more

What I know so far about self love (part I)

Sometimes I think I’m the worst person in the world to talk about self love and self acceptance. My inner analyzer/judge/critic is so strong. But I’m seeing that’s precisely the reason why I’m just the person to speak about self love and acceptance. It’s the thing... read more •  301.246.2569 

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