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Springtime greetings!

Happy Spring Equinox! Never yet was a springtime, when the buds forgot to bloom. -Margaret Elizabeth Sangster Thank goodness! March 19th is the first official day of spring. As we say goodbye to winter, this day marks a time of balance. Night and day are now of equal... read more

Shine On

Happy Fall! I am back from a summer of traveling mercies. I feel rejuventated by the time away from my bodywork practice and more excited than ever to return to my Massage-Reiki Rhythm in DC. Last week, as the Fall Equinox sounded Summer’s end, I discovered this... read more

City of Hope

Poem for City of Hope Down on the National Mall on a cloudy Sunday morning I laid hands on the women wearing purple boas. The ones who made it. At this Walk for Hope, a sign: ‘one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer in her lifetime.’ Women have... read more

Power of Partnering

On Saturday, I went to hear famous choreographer Liz Lerman speak about her new book of essays. For years I have been inspired by her work in blurring the boundaries between performer and audience and her insistence upon dance being something anyone can do (one of my... read more

Celebrating Winter

This week the bone-chilling winter winds of Washington have met my surprised face again and again. This week too, Mary Oliver’s beautiful poem White-Eyes met me in that place of sobering change. Oliver’s lyrical imagery, as well as the wild winds, remind... read more

Lincoln Memorial Body Wisdom

Last week after almost a year of living in Washington, DC, I walked the popular tourist stroll from Eastern Market to the Lincoln Memorial for the first time. At the Lincoln Memorial my eyes zeroed in the 16th President’s hands. I noticed that his left (receptive,... read more

Big Love :: Champagne toast to SJ + MK

My friends Sheena and Mari got married on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean recently, and thanks to a cheap standby plane ticket from D.C. I got to witness it. A few dozen members of given and chosen family came from as far away as Mississippi (home of Mari’s... read more

The time is (still) Now

Creativity seems to demand flexible and measured tension…All we do here is invent games to pass the time. -John O’Donohue, Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom So today, July 6, is my 29th birthday and the deadline I initially set for completing my book proposal.... read more

Getting used to vastness

On Monday mornings I walk to the U.S. Congressional Cemetery. When I walk somewhere I enter a vortex of energy that is larger than me. I enter a path, a stream. When I set out to walk two Mondays ago, I heard a voice that sounded like the wind. It said, “Just let go.... read more

The time is Now

I suspect you’re going to feel a bit constrained in the coming weeks, Cancerian — maybe even imprisoned… Regard this “incarceration” as a chance to start work on a masterpiece. Believe it or not, your “deprivation” could be... read more

I get to be me

I am wearing a long-sleeved orange shirt I bought at the Gap Outlet in Davis, California two years ago. I spent my last 100 bucks on it and a few other shirts and some pants, my yearly shopping effort. I stayed overnight in Davis with my sister, who shops almost... read more

50,000 thoughts per day

Humans think anywhere from 15,000 to 50,000 thoughts per day, scientists estimate. Any of these sound familiar?: It needs to be perfect I don’t know how I’m right/I’m wrong I am not enough I don’t have a choice/I have to/I must I am in control I’m not ready It’s too... read more

woManifest :: we got this, we got this, we got this

woManifest fertile more berries imagination you got this you got this you got this -poem from my Full Moon Dreamboard, 28 March 2010 My friend, acclaimed filmmaker and cultural worker Aishah Simmons, introduced me to the term “woManifest.” I wrote it... read more

Relationship myths :: Clean slate?

Myth 3 :: It’s safe to assume that if I do something “for” someone, then eventually s/he will do something for me “in return.” I have learned – mostly through disappointment and resentment – that I don’t like basing my relationships on... read more

Relationship myths :: ‘Making’ others feel…

Myth 2 :: No one can ‘make’ anyone else feel a certain way “I hope I’m not driving you crazy,” an extroverted housemate said to me as she babbled about her life. “I was crazy a long time before we met,” I said staring out the... read more

Relationship myths :: Doing ‘for’ others

Don’t look for it outside yourself. You are the source of milk. Don’t milk others! There is a milk-fountain inside you. Don’t walk around with an empty bucket. You have a channel into the Ocean, and yet you ask for water from a little pool. Beg for... read more

Live the questions :: Happy Now Year!

I am actually not curious right now. I am anxious, apathetic, and eating chocolate icing from leftover Christmas cake as I resign to die slowly watching 16 hours of television a day until my brain atrophies. I’m tired of asking questions. I want answers. It was so... read more •  301.246.2569 

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