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Massage as Kindness

People really believe that to get a good massage it has to hurt. Both while you’re getting it and the next day. I think of massage therapy as social justice work. We’re working one client, one human at a time to basically remind people that kindness is what... read more

#SelfCareSaturday Quote of the Week: Brittany Luse

Happy #SelfCareSaturday Wonder Women! This week’s quote comes from the wonderful podcaster Brittany Luse. Here’s to taking the space you need to fuel yourself! Take care, Beandrea Book a Reiki Massage in your home. Gift Cards available too.  ... read more

New City, New Team

My mother reminded me recently that I have wanted to work as a television writer at least since high school, when I took the initiative to set up what I now know is called an informational interview with a producer on a national talk show filmed in New York. Earlier... read more

Sat, Aug 13: Popup in Takoma DC!

Day(s) : Hour(s) : Minute(s) : Second(s) Popup Office this Sat! (Takoma) — Greetings Wonder Women! I will be seeing clients at a private home in Takoma DC this Saturday. Address is near Piney Branch & Van Buren NW. Exact location to be shared after you book. Below... read more

It’s All About You: Why Client-Centered Massage Matters

Years ago I had a client named Jo who had seen me regularly in the past, and then stopped when I changed locations. I referred her to Mary, one of my absolute favorite massage therapists. After months of not seeing Jo, I was surprised to see that she had booked an... read more

Citypaper’s Best of DC :: Best Therapeutic Massage :: Vote!

Last year was a huge leap forward in visibility for Wonder Woman Wellness. HASHTAG BLESSED. The Tiny House Office Popup at Micro Showcase we launched last September garnered local, national, and international press coverage. Our Instagram was also featured on the... read more

#VideooftheWeek Interview With a Toddler

The latest viral video I am obsessed with is ‘Interview With a Toddler.’ It features a father’s hilarious translations of his daughter’s toddlerspeak. Baby Amalah is simply adorable, and calls to mind the Charles Dickens quote: “It is no small... read more

Years That Ask, Years That Answer

For the past year I have noticed that there is a core group of people who consistently read (or at least open) my newsletters. I have also noticed that most of these readers are people that I do not see regularly for massage. Many are not DC-area residents either. So... read more

#SongoftheWeek Hamilton’s Angelica Schuyler

…I’m a girl in a world in which my only job is to marry rich. My father has no sons so I’m the one who has to social climb for one, so I’m the oldest and the wittiest and the gossip in New York City is insidious… – Angelica Schuyler, Hamilton LISTEN I have not... read more

Sunlight We Can Swallow :: Reflections on Talk Therapy

Right when it seems we are getting somewhere is when the time is up. This is how I usually feel in a talk therapy session. I can feel it just before my therapist ends the hour. It is uncomfortable. Yesterday I called it before he did. “The time is up right?” Right... read more

FAQ :: What is Deep Tissue Massage?

  Deep Tissue means vertical pressure downward into the muscles. Leveraging her body weight, the massage therapist applies precise pressure and waits for her hand or arm to move, which signals that the muscle has released. Within Deep Tissue there are a number of... read more

FAQ :: What is Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage leverages pressure in the horizontal plane. The strokes are meant to bring a fresh supply of blood to the tissue. Swedish also stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the relaxation center for the human body. Within Swedish there is... read more

Deep Tissue v. Swedish: What’s the Difference?

Somehow people have gotten the idea that a good massage is supposed to hurt and anything that does not hurt  is weak and a waste of time. This simply is not true. One of the reasons this belief predominates is an overall confusion about the difference between Deep... read more •  301.246.2569 

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